Yes, I am on my period!

If you have landed on this post owing to its mere title, hearty welcome. Do I see you rolling your eyes for my sheer disrespect towards expected decency, hear that misogynistic undertone under the garb of culture or are you labeling me as an attention seeker? Holding no qualms about your opinions, I am just gonna talk about my periods. In retrospect, I remember the discreet way of expressing, “I am on Periods”; as euphemism, we started replacing it with Chums, Code Red, Aunt Flo, Bloody Mary, Monthly visitor and so on. Well, I conjured one by myself; Famous Five. Hush Hush, Don’t say it loud or else you will wreak a total mayhem.

Playing peekaboo with pads, crafting complete nonsensical justification to guys if ever asked about that “hyped seminar” only for girls, enduring the deprecating tone of men about the strength of women during periods (hell yeah, P-E-R-I-O-D-S), the chemist handing you over Whisper ( even sanitary pads alludes hush hush), being like an untouchable in your own house and most excruciating, “Don’t touch pickles” (gosh, I can’t survive without it). Are you watching Mr. Drafter of Constitution, fundamental Right of EQUALITY is flouted here itself.

While there is a major crime scene going in my pants, my uterus is shedding blood and my vagina is enduring it, how on earth I am supposed be patient with restrictions galore. Shameful in hearing the word ‘vagina’ and ‘uterus’? More abashing to hear ‘menstruation’? That’s the exact prejudice which compelled me to write about, PERIODS. No, hold on. Donald Trump’s sexist dig at TV host, Megyn Kelly about “Blood coming out of her wherever”? cheesed me off completely and contributed more to it.

After the “Period leave” controversy turned all the rage, I realised that feminism is highly misunderstood by both men and women alike. Few women were hell bent on proving that their physical strength is mocked with this leave while few men turned it into memes. So, how can you ignore the fact, “What bestows a women with femininity is her PERIODS”. If she never gets her periods, new life will never be nurtured and eventually the question is doubted at sheer existence. Not that women should fight tooth and nail proving their existence above men for such endurance or men mock them as they don’t bleed (well, you are a different species); it’s as natural as women don’t have a dick.

In denouement, I wanna say if periods comes with lot of mood swings and all you crave is Mr. Snuggles and hot chocolate, grab it away. If it asks for rest owing to pain, express it aloud. You don’t need to be strong all the time. If your pants get a stain unintentionally, don’t feel ashamed till death. Just go and clean it. And guys, better take a lesson from Ashton Kutcher; Feed her soup and make a period mix for her.

So, let’s sing along, “Keep Bleeding. Keep, Keep Bleeding Love”.

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