What to wear while running errands?

This deliciously audacious term, Fashion is inextricably woven with materialism and brazen attitude. Don’t lie to yourself; You term it as frivolous albeit pine for it. You term fashionistas as wannabes but still fancy them. You term fashion as materialistic but seek gloating delight in it. So, is fashion really for ordinary days? While we are scrambling out of bed, managing to press a cookie before dashing for work, harried by gruelling schedule, can we look fashionable while running errands? Sounds like an Oxymoron, right?

Yes, you can be sinfully good looking without being dressed up to the nines. Who on earth has hours to preen themselves everyday; until you can afford your own stylist. But hello, we aren’t celebrities. Normal people have tons of shit to handle (and yes, that includes even going for shopping of toilet paper). So, we turn a slacker for fashion inadvertently. Although have you heard, “Lazy is the new Sexy”? No need of labels or stylists. Just learn the art of creating sartorial aesthetics and voila, You will nail it, girl!

Sounds all Greek to you?


Ticking all the stylish ingredients in one swoop, this outfit plans a sartorial escape to France. Speaking sophisticated and chic all over, you can carry it with aplomb. But, can you wear it while running errands? While trend of leggings is huge comeback, you can be faithful to trends and comfort simultaneously. Moreover, moss color is dominating on runways. So, what are you waiting for? Polish your look with sexy glares and enviable clutch.

There you go, girl. Ready to weave Je ne sais quoi?


Be it androgynous or norm core, I am insanely gaga over dungarees. Not because the royals, Kate Middleton or her son, Prince George is rocking this trend lately but it brings back the nostalgic aesthetic of 90’s. Hailing its origin from Grant Wood’s painting, American Gothic, Dungarees are still all the rage.


Let’s take a memory lane back to school. Shove back those inhibitions about bold colors and asymmetry. Splash some color to break the mundane schedule and seek validation as a child. Coupling unprecedented tones, I have experimented on my sartorial sense of drama. Are you ready to create one?


If Bling is your vocabulary, you can still win comfort with it. Yes, you heard it right! Throw a shiny top with leggings rocking athleisure and metallic in one go.

Bling, Bling but fuss free!


Thank you Rock n Roll for introducing flirty tassels. Having paired an asymmetrical hemline fringed jacket with contrast headband, spectacles and chic came leather sling bag,  I upped my ante in sartorial space. This look is much inspired by Gucci’s penchant for nerdy trend. For less lion hearted people, go for nude hue headband and keep the look minimal.

But, tassels are meant to tickle fancy. So, don’t err on side of fun!


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