What are your “OOTD Goals” for the weekend?

If you want to spell brazen and chic rolled in one sartorial term, ‘Jumpsuit’ speaks it all. Shoving all the misogynistic view about fashion aside, it swallows sexism. Yes, girls need a break from those tightly hugging body cons, fairy tale ruffles and LBD’s. Eschewing all rules of sophistication, jumpsuit allow us to breathe. Honestly, breathe in our own skin. Yet, opposite of ‘sophistication’ is not ‘messy’. Here comes the slouchy fashion; Simple and Easy.

Heralding liberation and creativity, Florentine Thayat invented the first jumpsuit in 1919. Borrowing this idea from parachuters and aviators, this trend started turning all the rage during the era of Elvis Presley. Owing to its timeless nature, jumpsuit underwent avant-garde style, bohemian flavor, Studio 54 style, skin tight disco flavor and galore. Thanks to Coco Chanel, Bianca Jagger and Ali McGraw for making this style a showstopper with their edgy sartorial sense.

So, say adios to those expensive pieces in your closet. For today, zip up your jumpsuit, baby!

Wish to personify the epithets brazen, audacious and insolent? Then, hop in a jumpsuit and let your laid back nature rule for a while. Probably, you will assault your sense of elegance for a while

But this OOTD rarely disappoints. Pairing it with a white cold shoulder top, baseball cap and sneakers, I have upped the ante for this look.

Perfect for a weekend getaway. What say?

If baseball cap isn’t up your alley, try rolling a sleek bandanna over your head and give a shout out to 70’s style. Teaming a white floral printed bandanna with this OOTD, I muted its shade with my top. Also, a colorful school bag will cheer this outfit more loud.

So, what are your fashion vibes for the weekend?

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