Wearing a corset for a family function. Surprised?

Once upon a time, a lingerie staple, it has started rooting itself as street style outwear. Corsets are now back with a bang and the trend is roaring audaciously. With its origin from the Victorian era, to Punks, Chanel to Prada, they are clamoring their place in the glory of contemporary fashion. Male sexual fantasies? Meh! It symbolizes more than that. An audacious fashion statement juxtaposing power and sass in tandem. Had your inspiration been driven from Carine Roitfeld, a fervent supporter of corset trend or from Kim Kardashian, corsets are all the rage from runways to streets.

Corsets were deemed merely for burlesque dancers and even though, it stepped a notch higher now in terms of suppressing associated sexual-ism, corsets can never be visualized in the league of ethnic fashion.


Taking up this gauntlet, I decided to reconcile the polarity between the duo. Pairing up my black studded corset top with a vibrant orange lehenga, I let the sass sway in full throttle. Make sure that the lehenga is flowy enough to balance the proportion with the tight corset.

Edgy and sassy, isn’t it?


As the outfit screams drama, I took a plunge with feather earrings. Although, I kept the neck piece simple; just a chain with a ruby pendant. Avoid loud accessories as the outfit is already doing so.

Make Up:

Smoky eye shadow is the main highlight of the make up. Keeping my skin tone bronze, I let it exude a sensual vibe.  Let bold lip color and curling lashes do rest of the talking. Products used are from MAC, Body Shop, Lakme, Faces and Color Bar.

What do you think about corsets now? Probably, next family function?


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