That Simple Girl!

She is a simple girl, you see,
With no voluminous boobs
Or great booty to see.
Her face seemed like darkened foliage from summer kiss,
Those palms seem ruthlessly rough enduring hardships,
Her black thick hair tumbled back,
But, they dont smell of jasmine or lilly.
Who will look at such a girl?
Who is always seen in salwaar kameez.

But, she is a girl like smell after rain,
A ray of new life,
Who will promise to swallow your pain.
She is living nightmares more than dreams,
Yet, she will love you insanely and selflessly,
Whispering those gleeful songs of life which she had never seen,
Gifting you all the happiness which she always wondered herself to see.

She will keep her dreams aside to fulfill yours,
Seeing your achievements is a blessing for her, she always thought,
Did you ever care to see those hidden layers of her heart?
Which time and again were stripped badly.

Bcuz, she isn’t a girl, your eyes will attract,
Or your heart will chase around,
Your heart just want pretty things you see,
Who doesn’t even know what ‘BEAUTIFUL’ really means!!

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