Sometimes, it isn’t your fault! Then?

And, sometimes it’s really not your fault. You have bend all over backwards to achieve your goals but you couldn’t. It’s your right to taste victory but you couldn’t. It’s your time to live the life which you had always planned and you couldn’t. Eventually, you get bogged down, your spirit is dampened and no person or thing in this world can bolster that belief in yourself.

You start comparing yourself to others. You start seeing yourself as failure seeing others accomplishments. But darling, you forgot one thing. They haven’t undergone those restless nights when you were jilted in love and still managed to get hold of yourself. They haven’t gone through that guilt which you faced owing to sheer misfortune of your life. They haven’t made all those efforts in spite of seeing failure relentlessly. They haven’t held their head high when everyone stopped believing in them. They got everything with meagre efforts owing to other lucrative factors and you didn’t.ย 

So yes, the grapes are sour and probably, you have nothing currently and they have everything. You are trying hard, toiling sweat blood and tears. Yet, nothing. Tired of waiting? Tired of trying? But don’t you forget sweetheart, it’s your journey and not theirs. The way you will turn at the end of this journey is gonna be completely different than theirs. So how does it really matter? Well, if it’s only about material achievements, then just remember when a bird is alive, it eat ants and when a bird is dead, ants eat dt bird. Your day gonna come. Just have patience when you had it so long๐Ÿ’•

And, if you falter in believing in yourself, just remember there is some one else also in the same boat. Now relax a bit and smileย ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ˜Š

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