Skin and Hair Care Post Holi!

Specially Post Holi, Skin and Hair Care turns imperative. Being a festival of color, victory of good over evil and symbol of creation and renewal, Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Our faces are smeared with colors, hair are dripping wet blended with all color highlights, color water is splashed all over body and we are screaming Happy Holi. Yes, thandaai chills us throughout the day and after we get back to our senses; we realize the fun is over. Our face looks tanned, succumbing to small breakouts, hair turns brittle like a broom and skin bears the brunt of colors all over. So, should we stop playing Holi? Nah! Not at all. But, maintaining skin and hair care post Holi is imperative.

  • Oiling Hair


Be it Holi or not, oil your hair twice a week. Hopefully before heading for immersing in colors, you had oiled your hair. If not, start applying oil to your hair often the following week. Choose the type of oil according to your hair and other issues. Also, apply oil thoroughly to the roots then dripping your ends in it.

  1. Olive oil: Preferable for dry hair.
  2. Coconut Oil: The universal remedy for all hair types.
  3. Almond Oil: To beat dandruff
  4. Argan Oil: Best for dry and frizzy hair

Currently, I am using this Ayurveda remedy hailing from Kerala, India. Known for retaining the original hair color, preventing hair breakage and damage,it is the savior from hair issues. If you ever visit this place, commonly known as God’s country, give this product a try.

It’s worth only 100 bucks and you need to blend it in lukewarm oil and leave it overnight. The bottle can last maximum for 6 months albeit varies as per the usage and hair length.

  • Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

Well, advising the usage of proper shampoo and conditioner is akin to beating a dead horse. Although, generally we tend to take this basic thing for granted and end up using any shampoo. Well, I won’t slander any shampoo yet certain of them have the advantage over others. If your hair are chemically treated, opt for shampoos meant particularly for that treatment.

Although, If you have virgin hair, give a shot to Loreal Pro Fiber and Liss Mask. Generally, we are advised to use the shampoo and conditioner of same family. Moreover, a conditioner always comes in scanty quantity and is never enough owing to long hair.

The best option is use a mask instead of a conditioner.

Masks not only provide intense moisture to your hair and keep them healthy owing to its various additional properties. But, you will end up saving lot of money in long run which you might spend up on small containers of conditioners often. Still, no that great result!

Since, I have  dyed my  hair, undoubtedly Loreal Vitamino Color Expert is recommended for them. Avoid buying it online or from any local shop to evade the duplicate one. Preferably, a salon is the best option.

  • Almond Oil

No, I don’t apply any high end day cream or night mask to keep my skin rejuvenated. Thankfully, I am blessed with a healthy skin and try maintaining a proper diet (no, that doesn’t mean starve of course). Yet, my latest obsession for skin care is Almond Oil.

Owing loads of Vitamin E within, Almond Oil is suitable for all skin types and retains our youth and freshness of the skin. Just take two drops of oil and massage it on your face for a minute or so and leave it on.

Also, if any color damage done to your skin, almond oil will work as a magic.

  • Honey

It is scrumptious to eat but also a miracle for skin. For luminosity, clearing acne and skin infections, enhancing the freshness and preventing ageing, honey ticks all the boxes. As your skin has already taken brunt of colors, it’s time to cure the damage naturally. And undoubtedly, honey is the all rounder.

On a daily basis as well, applying raw honey over the face and leaving it for twenty minutes gives you moisturising, freshness and remedy for skin issues; all rolled in one. If not, add one teaspoon of honey to one glass of lukewarm water and have it early morning on empty stomach.

  • Saffron

Saffron is highly rated but it is insanely amazing as well. Although, recognising authentic saffron is crucial as it is sold in an array of deceptive ways.

How to identify authentic saffron?

  • Real saffron should have sweet aroma and not sweet taste.
  • Dip a strand of saffron in baking soda/water. If it still retains its original color, it is authentic.

Benefits of Saffron

  • Blending saffron in milk and applying the mask to your face achieves impeccable glow to your face. No beauty product in the market can beat saffron in this aspect.
  • Saffron protects us from cancer owing to dark orange substance within called crocin.
  • It is helpful for memory loss treatment and also to enhance one’s memory.
  • It is helpful to enhance the sex drive as well.
  • Saffron protects against cold and viral infections.

Undoubtedly, it is expensive but the most active ingredient of my daily diet and skin routine.

  • Moisturizer

Moisturizing skin is always underestimated compared to enhancing the color of the skin. People are besotted with color but don’t give a damn about its healthy nature. Keeping it hydrated is significant and drinking plenty of water is the best and simple option.Also, a moisturizer definitely helps but choose one according to your skin type.

If you have a oily skin, choose gel based and if you have a dry skin, choose cream based. Although, make sure any of it is light in weight as you are gonna wear it throughout.

Lately, I have bought this Saffron Cream for Kashmir. I can only define it by the term, “Fabulous”.

So, what are your tips for skin and hair care? Waiting for your comments!


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