Shoe trends for Autumn, 2017

Blame Cindrella and Carrie Bradshaw for tickling my never ending fancy for shoes. Yes, a woman can never have too many shoes. And, she might not wear all of them but someday she will. If exists a checklist of shoes, a women may tick all of them. Being a girl, we are bombarded to look beautiful, cute, sexy simultaneously. Not only these epithets are daunting but they make a women suffer. The notion of wearing sky high heels has plagued us to look sexy for decades. But, it’s time to travel the uncharted territory of sexiness of shoes. Strikingly, normcore is taking the plunge in this area and flats are the new hotties.

Yes, you heard it right. Summon all your stilettos to relegate them to back burner, let your foot heave a sigh of relief and run errands hassle free in those flats. Shoe trends of 2017 beckon Furry Slides, Jelly Sandals, Sock boots, Metallic Sneakers and Flat forms. So, bend the rules and swag along your own runway.

  • Sock Boots

Running gamut of variety ranging from leather, suede, cable-knit wool, and metallic jersey, sock boots personifies sophistication and functionality rolled in one. Yes, you may arch your eyebrows over the terminology which isn’t even remotely closed to definition of cool.  Strikingly, it’s sneaking in our wardrobe and turning all the rage. Bestwoing us with illusion of dreamy ankles owing to it’s hugging quality is cherry on the cake. Team them with skirt, maxi dress or shorts, they just notch your style one step higher.

  • Furry Slides

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw for exalting this trend with her pink feather slides while her relationship with Berger. Complete antithesis of high heels footwear, Furry slides compels you to question yourself, “Will I be mocked to resurrect the 80’s back?” At times, earning epithet of kitschy but sometimes, ultra plush and comfy, they roar a pandemonium.

But, risks are to be taken. And, if Rihanna is dauntless to try them. So, why can’t you?

  • Metallic Sneakers

While white sneakers have been doing merry go rounds for quite a while, metallic sneakers have balked their prominence lately. Actually, babying the prior was a herculean task and finally, we can be brazen with our strides. Yes, metallic sneakers not only infuses glamour but also you can wallow in ignorance for their maintenance.

Silver, Gold or Rose Gold? Well, choice is yours!

  • Jelly Sandals

It weaves a nostalgia of childhood where we soaked our feet in puddles shamelessly, rejoiced running wild and sending squeals of laughter shamelessly. Yes, childhood was innocent and we were blissfully unaware of people’s judgement about our fashion sense. But, guess what? Comfort is the new fashion and it’s a huge call for comeback of Jelly Sandals.

Bee in your bonnet about looking dorky? Well, pair them up with socks or tights, you will gain brownie points undoubtedly

  • Flat forms

Ardent fan of Spice girls? Well, this season heralds trend of flatforms. Initially, I didn’t covet this trend but I have turned gaga over it lately. Okay, at times we deem them as masculine but they are far more palatable in comfort; which serves them as right choice. Don’t worry about its aesthetic. Designers are making every bit of it from LA to Milan.

So, what are you waiting for?

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