Shake The Chill In Style!

Winters had never been daunting for me as practically I hail from tropical region. 18 to 20 degree celsius can’t be even remotely termed as winter as per ice kissed regions. Hence, I always languished at winter fashion and kept it deliciously audacious. Be it Skirts, Sheath dress or Shorts, I never refrained from wearing them in December or January also as practically, its not at all cold over here. Although, my recent visit to Kashmir dawned upon me that surviving winter is crucial over fashion. The polar white areas will compel you only to eat and shroud yourself in piles of layering. So, what about fashion?

Well, What’s That?

Mostly, you will deny fashion glory in winter until you find the sweet spot between comfort and fashion. This chilly weather beckons us to flirt with some adorable outfits over frumpy ones. So, what is the quandary all about?

Let’s, hit it up baby

  • Retro Pants!

Befriend this fierce combination in this pervasive winter as Santa also loves the color, Red. While everyone is narrating their fashion tales with pastels colors, be an ice breaker. Planning a sartorial escape to 70’s trends, these retro pants are definitely stealing the show. Bold red and black with entangled details summons all up. Still, mixed inhibitions about this bright hue and edgy look? Well, couple it with a black and white overcoat and muted shade beanie.

Probably, you may transcend few fashion norms with it. But, undoubtedly, it screams out sinfully good looking ootd. Guess, you should just paint the white town red now.

  • Phirans

If ‘Pheren’ sounds greek to you, no qualms about it. Have been there and earned arched eyebrows from the locals of Kashmir. Your eyeballs will be gravitated by this authentic outfit of Kashmiris, Phiran, a loose overflowing garment made of sheep wool and cotton. Must say, it’s extremely warm and cozy. But, how to relate this to fashion, right?

Well, opt for gingham, checks or tartans in them as plaids are all the rage in winter. Honestly, I didn’t buy this outfit but just slipped in it by misplacing from my driver’s seat.

  • Faux Fur

Faux fur turned my obsession with Carrie Bradshaw running over NYC streets in her famous beige faux fur coat. Besides, exuding a royal look, faux furs balances the glamour as well as cruelty-free fashion in tandem. This sparkling black faux fur coat with brown and beige shade collar has been my latest favorite piece.

Not only it provides enough rescue from cold but is a fashion statement itself. Pair it with jeans, skirt or a dress, choice is yours.

  • Leather Jacket

The brightest badge of insouciance melded with chicness is a trendy Leather Jacket. You don’t require me to advise you about it. Although, avoid jacket with too many zips, playing a blight on its sassy nature. Take a break from usual colors like black, brown, tan and add a pop of bright shade to your gloomy winter fashion.

How about a bold maroon shade coupled with an edgy sparkling top? Let sparkle and your heartfelt smile do the magic.

  • Body con with Leggings

Oh yeah,  I will earn many arched eyebrows if I advise for a body con in winters. But, don’t you deny that you miss them badly in those months of freezing cold. Why on earth can’t we flaunt our curves in winters as well? Layering, Layering, Layering; Give me a Break. Sadly, we can’t control weather but definitely our style.

And, body con with leggings is not only the most feasible option but it is quite trendy as well. Moreover, the comfort factor of leggings garner it with extra brownie points over pants.

So, bye bye frumpy clothes. Now, winter is all about snow, celebrations and most importantly, sassy style.


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