Are you the one who wants to get rid of clocks and live by rising sun? Worship the moon and traverse the unknown path? Live those dreams which makes your soul alive? Fall in love with everyone you meet and collect stories to tell? Then. welcome to my gypsy club. Mostly, people deem us as weird but weird is side effect of awesome, right? Yes, we are eccentric, rebellious, unconventional people and we dream of castles in air; so what? At the end, we are bohemians. Having their roots in France, Bohemians have sprawled across different cultures and influenced many. Since, I am one of those millions ardent follower of Boho style, I decided to create this Look Book for all wildflowers over here.

Let your fashion aesthetics be as wild as your soul while you enjoy this Look Book!

Outfit and accessories:

For today’s look, I have not left one color and even my outfit beckons rainbow loud out there. Well, Boho chic is supposed to be an eye catching ensemble and so far I have tried my best. Fret not, if you can’t get the same outfit. Just say adios to greys and black and opt for warm and earthy colors. To add extra punch, I have coupled it with accessories such as feather earrings, feather necklace, beads necklace cum bracelet and a snazzy vintage watch from Accessorize. To keep my most stylish foot forward, I am wearing snazzy maroon boots from Zara.

Make up:

Bohemian look needs to be effortless. So, piling your face with makeup can be the worst idea. I have opted for Urban Decay’s foundation and concealer, Body Shop’s Bronzer, NYX Contouring stick, Maybelline Blusher and lip gloss, Lakme Sculpt lipstick and lip liner, MAC eyeliner and Lakme Eyeconic silver liner.

Probably, sounds too much but right amount of it is the key.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this style, nevertheless, I am waiting eagerly for your amazing comments and criticism. Till then, Hasta la Vista!

Mondays are stressful. Hell yeah! And only two things can cure these blues; Hot chocolate and wardrobe spin over unfettered by rules. Badly I wanted to bid adiós to black, grey and browns and inject some playful cocktails in my office wear. Thus, I created this eccentric office wear collection in a bid to make formal more interesting. 

Ready to make Mondays perky just like Sundays? So, lets get started with these four cool looks.

‘Black and White’ or ‘Coloured photography’? And mostly, we are gravitated towards coloured. As colours lend vibrancy and exudes exuberance, we tick for it. But, we are blissfully unaware of significance of ‘Black and White’ Portraits. Instead of considering it as an impasse and monotonous, we forget it\'s ‘Timeless nature’. Catapulting us in era of Ansel Adams and Henri Cartier Bresson, it resonates both artistically and socially even now. Not only it is instrumental to accentuate the subject closely but also creates a surreal world. With its undeniable allure of monochrome, drama is inevitable.

And as it is rightly said, Fashion is incomplete without a stir of drama. So, what do you think of ‘Black and White’ photography now?

I have created five different looks incorporating ingredients of 'Black & White' photography. Which one is your favourite?


If you have erred on sartorial side of drama, this fiery hue should be your choice solely. Colour red is all the rage this season not only on runways but also in street style. Not only it heralds an array of connotations; ranging from love, rage, passion, revenge but also tick style, sass and confidence in one swoop. Roaring loud and soaring high in realm of sartorial choices, RED is the big colour of the season.

How many brownie points can this candy apple red outfit score styled with golden choker? Waiting for your replies!

If you want to spell brazen and chic rolled in one sartorial term, ‘Jumpsuit’ speaks it all. Shoving all the misogynistic view about fashion aside, it swallows sexism. Yes, girls need a break from those tightly hugging body cons, fairy tale ruffles and LBD’s. Eschewing all rules of sophistication, jumpsuit allow us to breathe. Honestly, breathe in our own skin. Yet, opposite of ‘sophistication’ is not ‘messy’. Here comes the slouchy fashion; Simple and Easy. 

 This OOTD rarely disappoints. Pairing it with a white cold shoulder top, baseball cap and sneakers, I have upped the ante for this look.

Also, if baseball cap isn’t up your alley, try rolling a sleek bandanna over your head and give a shout out to 70’s style. Teaming a white floral printed bandanna with this OOTD, I muted its shade with my top. Also, a colorful school bag will cheer this outfit more loud.

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