It’s winter baby! Are you layering the right way?

While the dove grey sky, lacing of snow and wintry breeze were creating a mosaic of monochrome, I was battling with my OOTD for winter. Oops..OOTDs as mere one outfit seems a foolish choice in this biting weather. Winters beckons bundles of layering and lays kibosh on our hopes of fashion glory. While necessity of keeping ourselves warm surmounts over luxury of looking sassy, we end up assaulting our fashion sense. Our outfit disappoints us and so seems our personality. Ultimately, sombre of winter pervades all over.

So, can fashion still be glorious amidst dark winter?

  • Camisole Top

You may arch your eyebrows if ever asked to wear a camisole top in winter. Dappled sunlight will entertain it but not harsh, cold winter, right? But, a blouse under the camisole top or sweater thrown nonchalantly over it can make up for a delicious audacious look. Keep the tone monochrome or pastels and some accessories such as beanies, dainty bracelets or neck pieces can do the magic.

Ready to shake the chill in style?

  • Slip Dress

Winter demands slip dresses to be relegated to the back burner. But, looking sexy isn’t reserved only for summers, right? Hit the sweet spot between sexy and cute by balancing a sleep dress with a turtle neck blouse. If not turtleneck, just be faithful to few rules of fashion. May be a crew neck or collar neck can be your few other options.

  • Tulles

Ever imagined to dance under those flint grey skies overseeing the land and your boots crunching through powdered snow. In the glare white, you are like a fairy with your tulle skirt waving all around and you are sparkling like magic. Enough of fairy tale right?

But, it’s time to make this fairy tale a reality despite of nippy weather. How about marrying romance with insouciance by throwing a leather jacket over your tulle. Tweed jackets can also be another resort  although avoid bomber jackets for tulles totally.

  • Mix of Textures

Layering does not beckon piling heaps of layer haphazardly by laying kibosh on fashion sense. It is an art where mixture of texture, colors, fabrics and patterns should be flirted and complemented to create a whole new narrative.

Start with a casual tee, be it stripes or a plain one, add a shirt over it, be it chambray or plaid and add a blazer or leather jacket as a final touch. You can also try two tees of different textures, a denim jacket and a plaid jacket as the final layering.

Keep the colors minimal to one or two families and so the textures.

  • Cardigans and shawls

Undoubtedly, they are staples of our wardrobe but wearing them in a mundane style should not be your call. Try all the stylish ingredients together; an adorable dress cinched with a belt, a contrast cardigan, a shawl wrapped audaciously, fishnets and boots. Let your fashion transcend to another level.

Practice makes a mean perfect. And, this starts with layering. What’s your call?

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