Is Beauty Be All & End All?

“A Book shouldn’t be judged by its cover” is just a hypocritical sentence or else we wouldn’t have marvelled at sexy, alluring women superheroes. Be it Wonder woman or Superwoman, they transcend all boundaries of power, flourishing the fact that girls can be powerful but they dwell on and reinforce the same stereotypes of beauty. If considered stereotypes of beauty, I won’t say I was born beautiful. Didn’t have flawless skin or body shape. After working relentlessly on diets (doesn’t mean starving) and exercises, I am earning what I desired for. Albeit the journey is still on. However, “Is Beauty Be All & End All”? I always wonder, someday, my skin gonna get wrinkles, my boobs gonna sag, my booty won’t be perfect. So, will I stop considering myself, “BEAUTIFUL”? Honestly, we all do.

We can be ordinary and extraordinarily at the same time, right? Our individuality can speak for us more than our boobs and ass. There is much more than 36-26-36 or flawless skin or hot legs.

Though, insecurity hover over us, everyday, every minute, every second. All thanks to hypocrisy around.

Although, just remember, “BEAUTY GONNA FADE SOMEDAY, PERSONALITY WILL NEVER WILL”. I won’t say stop looking beautiful. That’s our birthright. Just stop being so besotted with it. It’s time to work on making yourself worthy from within.

So, for every girl who lands on this post, Change starts with you. So be it, Big or Small boobs, Round or Flat ass, Long or Short hair, it really doesn’t matter.

Just remember, You are simply hot af!

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