How to always look good in photos?

If ever asked to pose, I always seemed like a fish out of water. Though, I wasn’t socially awkward but posing was never my cup of tea. Even if I summoned up all the courage and belief in myself, shoving away those hovering mix inhibitions, I ended up only as a GEEK. What’s abashing if you are a nerd, right? Yes, modelling always tickled my fancy albeit didn’t believe ever I could be one. Let me admit shamelessly that it’s undeniable allure got me in its trap and not that Rome was built in a day. It took herculean efforts to embark this journey owing to no extraordinary qualities of appearance or talent in the same realm. But, at the end, I still love that little nerd within me.

Because I strongly believe, “Never lose your real self in the process of becoming something else”.

Enough of philosophy, right? So, you are a model or not, doesn’t matter. But, this blog is definitely for you as posing good is always on everyone’s check list. Bombarded by stories and statuses, we click, click and only click. Thus, “How to Pose” or “How to Look Good in Photos” is everyone’s concern. And, if you err on that side, this is gonna help tons. 

When flaws meet strength

No one has a perfect body. All you need to learn is hide your flaws and accentuate your weakness. Since I am not gifted with an impeccable flat tummy, I seek poses which hides my flaws immaculately. My derriere is a boon and tummy a bane. Yet, when boon meets bane, the result is admirable.

Let Back do the talking

Why accentuate merely face and front body pertaining posing? For a change, let back do the talking. Not only it exudes sass but the best cover up for no make up. Bundle up your hair recklessly, choose an amazing backdrop and flaunt your tantalizing back.

You go hottie!

Create an angle

Angles always lends your body structure an appealing aesthetic. Also, leaning back adds an element of sass. Although, be careful not to disrupt your posture with extras of either elements. All you need is confidence to try this pose with aplomb.


Crossed legs

You can bet your last dollar on this pose to be the safest and chic. Crossing your legs makes your stature look narrower. Also, it reflects a casual attitude. Placing your hand on waist can accentuate your waistline.


Stupid but Cute

No, I haven’t gone bananas. But, attitude isn’t be and end all element to look good. Try being stupid, silly and cute. Just say cheese and it really works!

Posing with partner

The thumb role of posing is never emulate your partner’s pose. Two striking poses can make you stand out from other. Also, icing on the cake, it lends a classy vibe creating the whole balance. We have tried the theme, “I care” and “I don’t”. What do you think of this?

Be a slacker

Don’t go an extra mile with your outfits, make up or footwear to look good. For a change, don’t be dressed up in nines and be a slacker. Surprised? Well, norm core trend is the new sexy.

Downward glance

I am gaga over this pose as it conjures a classy vibe. Not only aesthetically appealing, it will bestow you with chiseled jawline. Also, it highlights your eyes creating a dramatic effect. Loving this oomph?


If you are jaded with poses, use a prop to highlight your photos. Currently, these neon lights are trending a lot. So, pose girl and sing along, “You’ll be coming home with me tonight, And we’ll be burning up like neon lights. Neon lights”!

The world is waiting for you now. So, one, two, three and cheese!

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