How to make your office wear interesting?

Weekend is over and working blues again! Summoning my strength to work in office, battling to reach on time, preparing myself for impending tantrums of supervisors, gearing for new ideas at work and lamenting about the last week remaining work; Mondays are stressful. Hell yeah! And only two things can cure these blues; Hot chocolate and wardrobe spin over unfettered by rules. Badly I wanted to bid adios to black, grey and browns and inject some playful cocktails in my office wear. Thus, I created this eccentric office wear collection in a bid to make formals more interesting. 

Ready to make Mondays perky just like Sundays? So, lets get started!

  • Power pastels

Pastels always hold understated elegance and timeless appeal. If you fear to try sunshine brights, they can always be your savior. Not only can they be classy but turn heads if laced up with unprecedented style. Pairing this pastel casual top with leopard print vest and formal skirt earned me serious brownie points in sartorial space.

  • Floral

Why office wear is always reckoned with sophisticated colors or stripes? It’s time to strut around in floral; be it even in office. Yeah, I mean every word of it as floral spells new sophistication. Although, keep the tone lighter and print size minimal.

  • Gryffindor Combination

    While the fever of Harry Potter was still looming over my head, I decided to team up my formal skirt with Gryffindor color combination of Harry Potter.Well, it’s easy to channel this look without breaking the bank. Let yellow and maroon shades dominate your dress code and your styling pay kudos to this trend. Thus, being sartorially daring, I have styled my jacket over the shoulders instead of wearing it generally.

    So, ready to cause a stir on office runway with this trend?

  • AccessoriesLace up your outfits with accessories; be it bags, necklaces, watches or bags and it turns a showstopper instantly. With their magic to make you chic in a moment, accessories are fashion disaster saviors. Be it preppy to sophisticated look, they will bestow you with the best fashion moment.

  • Footwear

If you are doing your fashion homework regularly, trending mules comes as no surprise. They are all the rage and definitely, new bff of office wear. Also, boots are notching high demand pertaining office wear.  Both heels or flats are working a treat. 

  • Handbags

“Purses are to women what balls are for men”, said Carrie Bradshaw. Well, I don’t think, anyone can articulate in a much better way. But, the irony is most girls are oblivious towards office handbags. Do you know handbags can not only depict a lot about your personality but also affect your appearance? And, wherever we go, we need to carry half of the world in our bags; thus totes can be the best options. Currently, hot on runways as well!

What do you think of office wear now? Can this blog cure those blues?

Waiting eagerly to know!

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  1. 1

    Hey there. I Wntd to tll u tat u shld try and stop exposing yourself too much for attebtion. To meh it seems likh u arent being ur true self.

    • 2

      Baby girl, read the blog and not only heed to my body. I am sure my fashion sense somewhere will appeal to you. Thanks for dropping by. Also, looking forward for your suggestions if you want me to blog about any.

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