How to make your boring clothes interesting?

What on earth can you do except a perfunctory “Thank you” on receiving a “Not so desirable dress” as your birthday gift. My polite demeanor won’t allow me to succumb to the audacious reply , “Please, change it. It’s so not my style”. Besides, how can I shrug off someone’s earnest emotions so brazenly. Ultimately, I have to wear that “Boring Outfit” and earn imminent labels such as “Geek” or maybe “Sartorially Challenged”.

P.S “Bye Bye Status Quo” and “Hello Social Suicide”.

Okay, I fabricated a hyperbole as it isn’t as brutal as  “Mean Girls” world. Wearing boring outfits will not lead to bullying definitely. But hello, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”. So, Swish and Flick the magic wand of fashion and weave the magic over your boring clothes.

Say, Fashionlomora ! (hopefully, you aren’t taking this seriously)

  • From Boring to Amazing

Owing to the inefficiency of the dress to hug the body in right places and it’s innate bland appeal, I balked to wear it initially. Although, cinching a belt and teaming up with orange earrings notched up the social ladder of this outfit. It can go all out on spectacle if we wear boots in lieu of heels. Also, a dainty choker balances the V neck impeccably. 

  • Pencil Skirts are no more formals

Like it or not, Pencil Skirt owns a mandatory place in our wardrobe as it’s a staple formal. Meh! I diss formals anyways. So drab, monotonous and somber. If drama and colors in fashion awakes your penchant, you will always cuss the inventor of formals. Simple way is to bid adios to grey, black and beige. Hesitant to flout sobriety in formals?

Well, you can abide by your pencil skirt as a patent symbol of formals. Still, you can play with your blouse and cheer your outfit. Polka Dots always made my heart crumble with love. Timeless and chic, this trend is showstopper forever.

Be it an afternoon rendezvous or an interview (throw a blazer on top for latter), it’s delightful forever.

  • Let Boots cheer out loud

Turn on your charm full throttle with indomitable power of boots. Undoubtedly, they can transform any bland outfit to exciting one in a jiffy. Although, let colors other than usual brown and black be on your checklist. For me, burgundy is in this season.

  • Geek is the new sexy!

Running out of balance to shop new outfits or waiting for your pocket money to do the same? Have been in your shoes, had dearth of good outfits and ultimately, sacrificed my style. But, I don’t want you to commit the following mistakes.

  1. Abiding by the universal stereotype; you need expensive clothes to look amazing
  2. Put your styling sense in slumber and wear boring clothes haphazardly.

Don’t err on side of sartorial drama if you don’t own chic outfits currently. Try a mere spectacled look and hallelujah! You see, Geek is the new sexy. Also, a casual fringe jacket over a bland black tank top can give a shout out to style.

  • Why mere “Stripes”?

Stripes will always lend a cool girl edge to your look but at times, we need a spin over casual wear. For that matter, you don’t need to invest in anything expensive except a unique shade of pants. Military green, orange or this eccentric shade of green should do the favor. Betrothed this style with more contrast footwear; you see, orange is the new black.

Girl, you are ready to paint the town red.

  • Ethnic can be dazzling

If ethnic is your taste and simplicity your key, this trick should work for you. Invest in statement earrings and the bland outfit will shout out elegance itself.

  • Baby, it’s cold outside

Winter chills are sneaking and it’s a call for “layering”. Mostly, bomber jackets and leather jackets are up on everyone’s alley. Although, I have nurtured a crush on tweed jackets. Totally, old school, vintage and absolutely me. Catch more eyeballs by carrying it in an eccentric way.

What do you think about giving a cold shoulder with it?


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