How to make dreams come true?

Do you remember how you used to bounce fervently saying, I wanna become an astronaut or an actor or president of the country or just a prince or a princess? And eventually, you got convinced that sky is merely blue, you can travel only after you get settled, stories don’t always have happy endings, precious things in life demands a long wait and probably you will never wear a tiara in your entire life.

Yes, we succumb to the world’s greatest lie. “You cant control your life. Your circumstances rule them and your destiny decides everything for you”. And, so we mandatory finish a novel which we started, trudge a precarious relationship, abide by responsibilities before happiness and forget most important thing, “Our Dreams”. Not that I am of opinion to abandon everything all at once. But, why not quit eventually. All those things and people which soak away your happiness.

While, I was at Kashmir, everyday, this man turned fervently at Dal Lake even at -4 degree temperature. That one dream which compels him to endure this harsh reality, one dream which keeps him alive, one dream for which he will quit everything is a visit to Mecca.

So, dream my friend. Dream. See that dream. Live that dream. And guess what, you may never know where you can find on the way 😊

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