How to improve your fashion sense?

Warning: Never open a girl’s closet because you will bombarded by a heap of clothes surely.

Isn’t that true girls? We are baffled ourselves about the geographical landscape of our wardrobe. And, pandemonium is natural because you don’t know what to wear. Summoning all our strength, we are just battling to get any outfit; devoid of its demand to be ironed or dry cleaned. Yes, prim, prissy and amazingly lazy. We are just like that.

At the end, we commit a style suicide. Absolutely no style – zilch, zip, nada!

So, how to dress like a fashion editor (if not, at least not a disaster) everyday? Sounds tedious? Trust me, its a cake walk.

5 ways to improve your fashion sense:

Categorize your outfits

Sounds silly? Well it isn’t. Haven’t we faced the situation where we twinkle our eyes over some amazing discoveries in our closet akin to Columbus would have over America?

“I never knew I had this, Oh, my gosh, I wore this on the first date, Blimey, it still fits me, Well, someday I am gonna fit in this” our emotions galore gushes all over.

Well, girl you have a capsule collection. You can dress like a Kardashian without breaking the bank. And, with categorization of clothes, spinning creativity is much easier. So, what are you waiting for?

Try to break the categories into groups as follows:

  • Basics, Denims, Bodycons, Maxi Dresses, Formals.
  • Florals, Stripes, Monochrome, Ruffles, Asymmetry.
  • Black & Greys, Pastels, Pink & Violets, Red & Blues
  • Outfits for Home, for work, for dates, for casual visits, for party.

  • Color coding

    Color is unspoken national anthem which cockles the heart of fashion. So, when outfit crisis beckons, brainstorm over the color codes and voila, a showstopper outfit is out there! Be sartorially daring and stop nodding to jaded combinations. Inject a burst of color pops so the outfit seems as refreshing as a candy.

  • Accessorize 

Don’t take accessories for granted. With their indomitable dazzling power, they conjure a new charm all over. With its unicorn quality, it transcends run of the mill fashion into marveling one. You just need to handle this challenge with flourish. Be it neck pieces or earrings, anklets or bracelets, scarves or glares, they are just the pixie dust you need.

By the way, statement earrings are trending currently.

  • What works best for your body?

Mostly, Girls shop imagining someone’s else’s body in mind. While you are sending your body in war zone by squeezing yourself, you bear the hope of fitting in it someday. Someday never comes but you ardently believe it exists. So get real, girl!

Great personal style can be met solely by self realization. So, instead of emphasizing your flaws, heed to your sparkling qualities.

E.g. I have amazing legs and booty. Thus, I choose to wear something which accentuates them rather than wearing crop tops as I don’t have a very flat tummy.

Believe me, embracing one’s body is the hottest trend currently.

  • What kind of fashion personality are you?

If you are a sporty personality, athleisure trend will be up your alley. If feminine personality dominates you, you will stock up on laces and floral prints. If Classic is your house, you will go for timeless pieces. Dramatic personalities have a penchant for fiercely flared hemlines, ruffles and bright colors. If you like a bit of skin show; like plunging necklines and slits, you hail from an alluring house.

It’s quite possible to be a mix of both. However, you need to realize your category first to style impeccably later.

Style yourself up girl because it’s the way to say who you are without having to speak!




















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