How do I look younger for my age?

“Are you twenty?”, they assume and I bask in this delightful lie. Who won’t relish the compliment of looking younger for your age? Well, I am definitely not twenty but approaching my mid-20’s. Wanna know my exact age? Haha, being a girl, it’s my birthright to keep it discreet. However, I am experiencing early symptoms of  Gerascophobia recently. Gerascophobia? Is that a word even? Haha, I googled myself.  If you fear wearing silver hair and wrinkled skin, get ensnared in fear of losing your youth and think your charm will work no more full throttle, you are experiencing rudimentary symptoms of it. Enough of psychology, right?

In simple terms, we fear aging, sprout insecurities about our appearance and lay kibosh on our own self esteem. Dull skin coupled with wrinkles and dark eyes start daunting, restrictions of wearing only certain clothes plagues  your mind and losing your exuberance gets the shit out of you, right?  And, all we wish for is ‘Fountain of Youth’ akin to Ponce de Leon.

Well, I can’t help you to scour that enigma but definitely divulge my beauty secrets. If you will herald salon for it, you are completely wrong. Since I always turn broke, splurging over my hair and outfits, anything could be hardly squandered for face. Well, jokes apart. Honestly, the more you succumb to artificial treatments, you are prone to look duller gradually.

Thus, these 5 ways will make your look younger naturally.

  • Turmeric and water

Start your morning ritual with a drink blended with pinch of turmeric in lukewarm water. Not only, it will reduce your acne breakouts eventually but keep diseases at bay. Also, its an excellent exfoliating agent which scrubs away your dead cells.

  • Ice cubes and Honey

Before heading for your make up ritual, massage your face gently with ice cubes. Not only it improves your blood circulation and derails your acne but enhances the duration of your makeup.  Replete with antioxidants, honey gifts your skin with impeccable glow. Indeed, a panacea for acne treatment and aging! It’s miraculous.

  • Oatmeal scrub and Yogurt

Scrubbing is crucial ritual as it cleanses away dead cells albeit we ignore it often. Some may succumb to expensive products yet still meet with disappointment. However, I bet that no scrub is as effective as Oatmeal scrub coupled with yogurt. Loaded with extra hydration and antioxidants, the ingredients of this scrub will gift you that magical glow.

  • Red lentils and Tomato

Fortunately, we aren’t bearing scorching heat anymore.  Although, summers have gifted us a tan skin undoubtedly. Craving for tan? Well, good for you. But, mostly, Mumbaikars crave to get rid of it. Trust me, I had splurged a lot on an array of tan removal products but met with disdain. Finally, I considered my grandma’s old recipe of anti tan mask; red lentils powder with tomato juice. I will bet my last dollar on it; this works for worst tans.

  • Diet and exercise

Well, I don’t restrict myself from eating anything. Although, I keep a check on proportions and nutritional value of it. You don’t need to be an Einstein to balance those empty calories with exercises and raw veggies. Generally, my hunger dwells on tomatoes, carrots (rich in vitamin A) citrus fruits (rich in vitamin C), nuts (omega fats)  and green veggies (rich in vitamins) and on weekends, my cheat diet persists.

If there is one thing, I can’t live without; it is exercise. Be it a jog or climbing a mountain or long stroll, I can relish them in middle of the night as well. But, I am not expecting everyone to be an eager beaver for exercises. Though, what’s wrong with an hour of workout ? Proof is here, it creates wonders

However, I will stay emphasis on embracing yourself the way you are. Trust me, Sunshine, you will look the most beautiful forever.








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