Have you decided your Halloween costume?

Halloween aka “Day of the Dead” always weaves an undeniable allure owing to its origin, eventual westernization and the most salient feature, Halloween OOTD. Hailing from 21st century, I succumbed to “Mean Girls” showcasing, “Halloween is one day where a girl can dress as a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”. But hello, I stay in India where abiding by this can mark “Day of Dead” as “Day of Abandonment” by my parents. So, laying a kibosh on my social status, I also fell prey to horrific Halloween outfits just like Lindsay Lohan aka Katy. However, this year, I resolutely decided to be sartorially daring, keep my Halloween fashion notes trendy and put my best stylish foot forward. So, if you have also been a fish out of water in all those previous Halloween parties,this is for you girl!

Before heading towards Halloween fashion, let’s delve in significance of the festival.

Originated with Celtic festival, (presently Ireland) Samhain, Halloween augurs end of harvest n arrival of dark. Doesn’t this justifies Halloween grim OOTD? However, in ancient days, to trick up the evil spirits, Celts dressed scarily to ward them off. Now, Wondering why do we carve pumpkins solely? Owing to mere fun, I didn’t give a hoot about merely carving pumpkins.But, Celts used turnips to keep spirits at bay. However, when Irish immigrated to North America where pumpkins were readily available, pumpkin carvings turned all the rage.

Enough of history, right. Let’s get back to fashion and paint the town red!

  • Mystery

Oh Boy, my Achilles heel during teenage years was Lizzie McGuire. Thanks to Kate Sanders who channeled the sexy vampire queen look without breaking the bank. Okay, okay, I ain’t tall as her but my curated Halloween will definitely make you a showstopper. Without a shadow of doubt, Black is the Mother Goddess. Taking a more mature take by opting a single color and dazzling it with goth style, this outfit screams drama in every way.

Ready to be a pretty planetarium with all such stylish ingredients imbibed in one?

  • Untamed

If ridiculously “Audacious” is your definition, nod a yes to this OOTD. Definitely, for lion hearted, it roars out fashion intimidatingly. Sparkle wedding leopard print is one wild couple. Push your hair all back, bath in sparkle and throw a leopard skin outfit. Dare, if you can’t make head turns around with this striking ensemble.

Oh yes, Baby !

Let the ferocity and your beautiful chaos dominate all around,

Be a savage which everyone fears around.

  • Dark Soul

Girl, go get a Little Black Dress if you don’t have one.

Be it a Christmas Party or a Halloween, it’s an OOTD savior,

Trust me, on this one!

Stubbornly timeless, seductively chic, mysteriously elegant, LBD is a paradox itself. Halloween heralds the arrival of dark. So only, a darker shade of Black can beat Black in this one. Also, a slight peekaboo near waistline has upped the ante of this look.

Accessories or not is completely your choice. But, don’t to forget to exude bit mystery on your face.

So, which is your most voted outfit? Waiting!

Till then, Wish you all a very Happy Halloween!


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