Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring!

Blossoming buds like delicious creams will replace those naked branches, bidding adios balmy days and saying hello to sunshine. Sun will kiss gently embracing spring once again. Nature will unfold its exquisite beauty. And will unravel all the cutesy pieces from our closet. The symphony of spring always beckons florals and fashion in spring spells the same. Yes, spring is on the way. So, let pastels cheer more than grays, black and blues. Let layering be relegated to back burner now. Time to frolic like a little kid. Let innocence sway in the air.  

Being a romantic personality, my closet is outrageously dominated by florals, laces and tulles. Color yellow augurs sunshine and it is the hue of spring. So, how fashion can stay away from it? 2018 embarked with runaways showcasing shades of yellow hue as the next new trend. And, here I am picking up my first spring outfit inspired by the same.


With adorbs written all over it, this yellow floral crop top stole my heart right away. Its puffy sleeves add an element of bubbly nature while the florals make it more cutesy. Gosh! Finally my skin can breathe without piles of clothes. And all thanks, to this gorgeous sunshine and this delightful crop top. I prefer wearing a basic high waist denim and its slim fit cannot compliment my body in any way better.

Exude the vibe of a french girl with dainty accessories. Delicate necklaces are trending over junk ones. Although, wearing a single chain is so last season.

Probably, nude pumps are your fave, they are mine too. But, let them rest for a while. It’s all about burst of colors. How about a little shade of orange? Also, ditch black and brown belts. Let sunshine talk and a sleek gold belt weave magic. Avoid bulky belts as they botch the adorable element of the outfit.

Makeup and Hair:


Winters are gone and finally, I can feel hair on my scalp. Beanies, berets and head wraps gave a tough time after a while. Yes, they were freaking adorable but common, at end of the day, I really love my hair. Undoubtedly, I wanna flaunt them in amazing hairdos. I chose to tie a one side braid and let rest of my hair sway freely. Not only it looked adorable but notched the look extra brownie points.

Subtle makeup is the key. Avoid bold lip colors and heavy layers of foundation. Just a moisturizer and a bit of rose powder can infuse freshness. A peach blush is recommended as spring is all about blooming and blushing. Quite cheesy, right?

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. If you are a pear shaped or an apple shaped, try a peplum top instead of a crop one. Not only it will accentuate your proper waistline but make you look slimmer.
  2. High waist jeans will always win over low jeans as they hide that paunch so impeccably well.
  3. Don’t refrain from trying colors. Although, if your skin complexion nods no to sunshine yellow or lemon yellow, mustard yellow can be the best option.
  4. Try pumps or kitten heels as they own an endearing element within. Stay away from boots. You had enough of them in winter, right?
  5. Apply sunscreen even though summer is kissing gently. Not only it will protect skin damage but regular use of sunscreen prevents ageing.

So, ready to say, HELLO SPRING?  

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      Thank you so much Jenifer. This really means alot to me. Would love to hear if you want me something to blog about for you.

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      Apart from background, nothing is changed. Kindly drop on my instagram pranjali0805 and then comment about me being fake or real. Thank you.

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