Best Piece I invested in this Season.

December, a month of dove grey sky and streets laced by snow not only beckons festive mood but also rides a wave of sweet nostalgia. You can never elude from its undeniable allure as it ticks all the happiness in one swoop. Be it  Snow, Christmas or New Year Eve, December give a big out shout out to celebration. Undoubtedly, a woman’s expression of happiness is through fashion and I ain’t no exception. While my sartorial choices were running wild, I fervently decided to conjure an outfit faithful to all fronts; be it trends, comfort or festivity.

Starting my countdown to chic, I landed up at a sequin top. Not only did it hit the sweet spot between edgy and glamorous but also entailed an enticing pattern. Agreed, Black is a deliciously audacious color but I wished to risk my sartorial knowledge this time.

Rich shades of shades of maroon can create enough drama for your outfit unless you know how to play with textures and proportions. The fundamentals of winter fashion calls for layering and nothing can shake the chill in style except a leather jacket. Keeping the color in same family of both top and jacket, I just experimented with shades of my gloves. Contrasting the rich dark shade with muted ones, it created the whole balance aesthetically well. Obviously, there is no substitute for a black jeans for skinny effect although varying depths of blue can also be your resort.

This season nods to accessories impressively although demands it to be worn in an eccentric way. How about tying a bandanna on your head instead of wrapping the scarf around your neck. No doubt, this scarf resonates with Gryffindor house colors vaguely but anyways, it spells chic. Boots or sneakers can add rest of the charm.

You won’t be overdressed or under dressed with this OOTD as it has both stylish and comfy ingredients wrapped up in one. Be it a party at a disco, house party or a small gathering, this is the best piece I invested in this season.


  1. Celebrations and sequins are synonymous. But, opt for a sequin top instead of a dress which evades the outfit to be worn only for a single occasion.
  2. Black is sexy but avoid it and explore new shades this season.
  3. Accessories are mandatory but tweak with their usual ways’
  4. Abide by one color family rule although play with textures.
  5. Keep the makeup minimal which balances with the sequins.

Waiting for yours!

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