Basic Essentials Every Woman Must Own!

Ok, admit it girls, we all grouse about not having enough clothes to wear albeit the wardrobe reflects heaps of clothes piled up haphazardly (at least in my case as I am very disorganized). Yes, we aren’t familiar with the geographical landscape of our wardrobe as we never know what is the pandora box all about. But, hell yeah shopping works on impulses. So, I don’t blame you. Our money is hanging in our closet just like Carrie Bradshaw yet why are we clueless about what to wear? So, the rescue don’t lie in shopping everytime (well, most of us can’t afford that) but investing in Basic Essentials is a sagacious option.

Once you have the basic staples, all you need is your essence of style to couple them differently. And voila, you are ready to paint the town red!

Pastel hue top

Spring beckons pastel hues to exude your effervescence and 2018 trends are giving a big hi-five to them. Not only pastel hues narrate fashion tales gloriously but it lends an edge to your style. Be it office wear or a lazy Sunday afternoon, this hue notches all the sartorial points.

Heat is riling up and you need to breathe. Thus, this halter neck, pastel hue crop top is my latest obsession. Worn on denim pants, it just spells sassy and comfy in one go.

Now, wearing a crop top to office can earn many arched eyebrows. So, coupling it with a high waist pencil skirt and a trendy vest will seem you like a showstopper at office. Glasses just added more edge and pastel hue clutch notched the whole OOTD 10/10.

  • Denim Jacket

Be a fashion blogger or not, our wardrobe always has this key item; a Denim Jacket. An all rounder for all season, denim jacket owns my heart.  Insouciance, comfort and functional utility is inherent within it and being trendy has been its USP forever. Thank you Levi Strauss, the Denim Dad for gifting us the most chicest piece ever in fashion history. But, he threw the gauntlet on us for styling it in an eccentric way.

  1. Denim on Denim

Denim on denim trend is deluging the internet and we have no shadow of doubt about this insanely amazing trend. Previously, we were always intimidated to try double denim trend but hey, fashion is meant to break all rules right? Although if fear of fashion blunders still hovers around you, remember few key points.

Pic Courtesy: Pintrest 

  • Go for the same wash or weight of denims all over. Striking contrast between the two can seem trying too hard on your fashion sense.
  • Go for distressed as ripped jeans is dominating the streetwear luxuriously.
  • If you are on heavier side, go for dark colors for bottom as it creates a slimming effect and lighter shade for top accentuating your assets

B)  Unconventional ways of wearing a Jacket  

Meh! If you are wearing a denim jacket akin to how we are supposed to wear one. Wake up your inner fashionista from this deep slumber. Trends are harking your personal style. Yes, jackets are meant to lend you a relaxed vibe. So, time to see variations in it.

Wearing it but not wearing it

How about just pulling it over on one shoulder

Oversize is the latest trend, baby!

Quirky but Sassy 

Why always Blue?

  • Pencil Skirt

If you languish at fashion, you will associate pencil skirts with formal wear. And, formal wear isn’t your taste then pencil skirt will never own its place in your wardrobe. But ignoring it merely because of its stereotyped association is unfair and you are missing one of the latest trends unfortunately. So, give this piece a chance and widen your fashion horizons about styling it.

Polka Dots with Pencil Skirt

Polka augurs Retro and Retro harks Polka. If you are 80’s fashion lover, you will gaga over polka dots and definitely, I am. Fixing a date of polka dots blouse with pencil skirt is marrying a chalk and cheese. But hell yeah, opposites attract and they make a sizzling pair.

See it by yourself.

So, be an office going or not, nod a yes to pencil skirts henceforth.

  •  Casual yet Chic 

The word of the millennium is “Goals” and we are bombarded constantly to match up with them. So hell yeah, we can’t be expected to dress up everyday like walking on runways. Norm core is our favorite and it is roaring amazingly. So, let us find the sweet spot between casual and chic with a comfy sassy top.

This grey peekaboo top coupled with skinny jeans and boots is an absolutely all rounder.

  • Sequins

Sequins have always been the pixie dust of our wardrobe and their intricate work make head turns undoubtedly. You are gaga over embellishments if you are the disco 70’s kid. But, if subtlety is your key, then aren’t sequins for you? Meh! Grow up.

It’s the era to wear sequins during day time and transform it in athleisure, semi formal, party wear or options galore.

Choice is yours but sequins are must!


  • Button down shirt

Undoubtedly, a button down shirt is the savior from fashion disasters. Pair it with leggings, shorts, skirt, jeans or just a shirt dress, it will always be showstopper. Invest in a good quality button down shirt which abides by your body shape. Being a foundation of prospective styles, a button down shirt is an absolute must.

  • Jumpsuit

If you wanna lend an edge to your sartorial sense, zip up in a jumpsuit baby! Pair it with a cold shoulder top, baseball cap, cool sneakers and gear up for a weekend getaway. An outfit which swallows sexism and eschew all rules of fashion, jumpsuit cheers out loud! Thank you Florentine Thayat for inventing it and Coco Chanel and Bianca Jagger for turning it all the rage.

I) Leather Jacket

You don’t need a blogger to advise you about owning a leather jacket. But, definitely you need one pertaining styling it quirky.

  • Leather jacket and tulles skirt is befriending a romantic and rocking personality. Yes, opposites attract. So, all we need is to give a chance

Pair it with a dress heads for pretty with punk rolled in one. Feminine yet edgy. Sassy yet classy. What more can you expect?

  • Leopard Print

This electric trend is back with a bang and leopard print is roaring like a champion. Even if you are not fond of this trend, having a leopard print in any form; be it dress, skirt, blouse or even a scarf will make you a showstopper.

Let your wardrobe embrace this fierce trend and pull it off like a pro.

  •  Plaids

Say plaids and you will be relegated to 90’s kid category. Casual, grunge yet you will never earn the epithet, “Elegant”. Probably, you may even be called frumpy albeit plaids are the hottest trend of 2018. Surprised? Put a spin of your style over this trend and it weaves itself immediately into an OOTD apt for study session, office wear or even a date. Yes, so what is the magical trick?

Style up plaids with accessories; be it belts, hats or dainty necklaces

Mix plaids with other prints. The unprecedented marriage of a leopard print overcoat with plaids will be a basic and savage combination.


Throw a chic blazer over a plaids pants and hit up the office or an afternoon rendezvous.

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