Are Likes taking over our Life?

We live in the century of likes and comments, blue ticks and followers. Emojis are our vocabulary and social media speak for us. Yes, we all are a bunch of insomniacs enduring grueling life although, we veil it easily under our insouciance. “Oh, I am so over this” is our patent line yet we express it in form of stories and status. Craving for social validation is our obsession and we dwell on judgement of others. Peace is an alienated word as the first thing on our mind is – “To Post, Count likes and Wait for Comments”. Make the world marvel at our flamboyance and seek colossal admiration from others as our inner voice is screaming at the top of our lungs, “Look, cool how I am. Look at me. Hey, Just look at me”. And voila, did you realize, what have you become?


Don’t we start harboring impossible thoughts if reply don’t show up after discerning the blue tick? Don’t we judge ourselves and envy others over likes and followers? Don’t we stalk discreetly to rescue ourselves from infidelity? Don’t we assume and misjudge people over their posts? Don’t we succumb our individuality to seek acceptance?

If I would have been a preacher, I would have replied prudently, “I don’t need social gratification. I am happy with myself”. But, I hail from this century and I am as shallow as everyone is. So, I admit blatantly, “Yes, I had been an insecure freak as well”. Without releasing the emotional ramifications of laying my heart bare on social media, I have committed ample of shit before.

But, time and experiences made me realize gradually, “Ok Is Good Enough”.

In my fire flying catching days, someone bigger always got things for me which I wanted to. Everyone believed in me and I believed in everything I aspired to do. And then, I was taught about aspirations. In psychologist’s Maslow’s language, the stage of self actualization. Although, the irony is I and most of us, misconstrue this stage with prestige solely. And, don’t be hard on yourselves with blame game, as this world taught us to be compete in this Race; who hogs maximum attention by accomplishments is the winner while other is the loser”. And, a big gratitude to social media for germinating this insecurity within us.

However, what on earth will change if you don’t dine at luxurious places? Or don’t have a covetous physique like him or her? Will it make a herculean difference if you own less likes and followers? Yes, matters a lot as we are social animals but it will matter less, if you believe in Self Acceptance. Well, I am not a daft to advise you to eradicate social media completely. It’s equivalent to food, clothing, shelter (and sex definitely). Haha!

But all you need to realize is when you are crying your heart out, struggling for breath, tears are cascading and you are struggling for merely functioning, only a tight hug from a human with real flesh and blood helps. It’s you and only you who struggle with battles of life everyday. So, how dare this social media with its sheer likes decides our worth?

But, this world is shallow and it will be forever. Being a human, at times, we may succumb to it as well. However, why lose yourself and dwell on judgement of others? Why don’t we aspire to have peace over everything?  Let’s relish little things in life; how about jumping in puddles while it rains, calling an old friend to reminisce the crimes committed, lying under the sky and wallowing in delightful thoughts, having hot chocolate and reading famous five like a kid once again, taking a stroll in rain with your love and if nothing, just lying peacefully bereft of thoughts. At times, what’s the harm in considering  yourself from stone age era? No posts, no updates, in fact no cell phone. Won’t it be peaceful?

P.S. Balance is the key.

And, one last disdain. Guys, just stop “Check in” at temples at least. Isn’t it the last and most stupid thing on earth to do? I don’t want Ganpatiji to count offered modaks as likes by his devotees (or I must say his followers). Haha, unimaginable!


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