5 Scarf styling ideas by Carrie Bradshaw

An ardent follower of Manolo Blahniks and Cosmopolitan, mulling about love, life and fashion relentlessly, an epitome of intricacies, Carrie Bradshaw resonates with every girl. A younger version of Anna Wintour, we are completely gaga over her. Being unsought messiahs of fashion, both taught us most important lessons of fashion. Most importantly, they flouted the stereotype; One’s penchant for fashion doesn’t mean they lack intellect or power. Hallelujah! Just what  i needed for the day.

While watching sex and the city, oxygen of my life, I realised that few crucial styling lessons by Carrie Bradshaw has been lost in oblivion. Today, I am gonna focus on one of them; Styling your scarfs. Kindly keep your vanilla connotations about scarfs aside as Carrie will make you revisit the word F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.

  • Untamed Look

Who on earth said that scarves should be worn around neck only? Let your wild side roar and swag be your vocabulary. Shout out to all wild girls as a new trend is heralding; “Scarf rolled on Arm”. Thank you Carrie! We just needed this.

  • Retro Look

    Story of every girl: “Bad hair days”. If messy hair lays kibosh on your perfection, this trend works magic. Cut some slack for those heat appliances and breathe in your natural locks. Head Band cum scarf spells chic in every way. Bit of retro oomph. Liked it?

  • Sexy Bandanna

If asked what is one thing I would like to change about myself? At the drop of a hat, I would say, MY HAIR. Messy, unmanageable, exasperating hair. If you are sailing in same boat, this trend is our new BFF. Bandanna with glares perched on top is the new sexy.



Are perky midis still dominating your wardrobe? If yes, Girl, you are a romantic personality. Floral, laces and ruffles define your outfits. And cherry on the cake, we found the perfect accessory. Scarf rolled sleekly and wrapped around neck will make you seem sunshine definitely!

  • Exotic

    Fashion is incomplete without a stir of drama. Gear up to paint the town red with this exotic trend.  Even a bland outfit can turn into showstopper with this exotic trend. Sassy and sophisticated art attack together, isn’t it?

    Ready to bid adios to humdrum styling of scarves now. Most importantly, don’t forget to thank Carrie!


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