3 hair dos for lazy girls

As a kid, I owned hair kinda Rapunzel. As a DIsney character, you can sway them with elegance. As a real human being, you have to battle with them. Yeah, I mean it. People advised me to chop them off but my hair is my HORCRUX. So, I always went an extra mile for them. However, as I started growing up, I got infected by one virus; Laziness. And I wondered, “Who on earth will take efforts for managing hair?” I started trimming my hair and the trim morphed in a chop eventually. So bye bye chopping. Finally, I have learnt some super amazing hair dos which are perfect for lazy bum like me.

If you are sailing in same boat, scroll down;

One sided braid

Synonymous to adorbs, this is my favorite hair do. Not only it is is super easy but amazingly chic. Just take a strand of your hair and braid it. You can also try variations by braiding more than one strand. Although, I prefer to keep it simple.

Bunch up

Perfect for your basics, this hair do exudes insouciance and sass perfectly. Section your hair in two parts. Bunch the upper part and let the rest of the hair sway down.


My best friend and savior of bad hair days, Bandana is trendy forever. Be it an ethnic or western, this accessory is staple in your wardrobe.

Waiting for your suggestions for the same!



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