Love as a Paradox!

It’s a rip roaring tale,
Her battle of doubt to survive everyday,
To give up or to hold on?
To cry or to move on?
To feel heavy or feel nothing?
To think deeply or heartlessly?

But, vivid memories meanders, you see,
Shoving them away is not so easy.
Deliciously heartwarming,
Exquisitely heart breaking,
It’s you at the end,
Paradox of my life and had always been.
Now I feel, saying, U Jump, I Jump was a sin.

Leaving me in a maze of contradictions,
To seek love in our memory lanes,
Or succumb to this wretched pain.
No, I don’t wanna be a masochist anymore,
All I need is to breathe peace before.

Stop this battle and gifting me scars,
Let me taste love a little,
It’s been really too long!

  • Pranjali Korgaonkar

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