10 Styling Tips for Short Men

“I want a tall and handsome guy” is the stereotypical demand of every girl akin to “I want my wedding gown from Vera Wang”. Can’t blame girls as they have grown up reading fairy tales. Inadvertently, this dampens the self esteem of short guys. Dating for them is as tough as dating for tall girls, isn’t it? Well, I can’t make a paradigm shift in your dating life but my styling tips can make you swoon worthy.

  • Monochrome & Analogous colors

According to wardrobe maths, Monochrome colors adds height and contrasting colors shortens  height. It’s all about illusion as the former creates the long vertical line while the latter disrupts the silhouette. And, monochromatic isn’t mundane at all. Try playing with textures, accessories or same suit and different shirt.

E.g: Black cotton crew neck teamed with black leather jacket. This variation in texture tick trendy in one swoop.

If monochromatic isn’t your taste, try analogous colors which will also create a streamlined effect

P.S Color Blocking can be your biggest lament while Monochrome can be your savior.

  •  Shorter Jackets

Over sized Jackets can wreak a total mayhem on your height  while shorter and fitted jackets are a boon. Making your legs visible with the illusion of greater height, the latter embraces your body well. Assure the length of the jacket is till bottom of your buttocks. Mostly, Single breasted, Bomber and Denim jackets will be affable towards you.

  • Prints and Patterns

Undoubtedly, vertical stripes can rescue you from looking extremely short. With the magic of lengthening effect, it conjures the illusion of taller height. Also, dip-dye detailing can gain a brownie point for you albeit the shade should move from lighter to darker colors. Florals can also be soaring choice in sartorial space.

Bottom line is prints and patterns gravitate the viewer’s attention upwards rather than your shorter legs.

  •  Trousers

    a) It is imperative to acknowledge the inseam length before buying trousers. 27-30 inches is deemed to be appropriate length.

           b) Also, low length trousers should be replaced by high length trousers in your wardrobe as your torso will seem longer.

           c) Heed to the trouser break as well which should be no more than 1/4 break. If trouser break seems Greek, it is amount of cloth                       which covers the shoe.

  •  Accessories

It’s not as difficult as trigonometric identities to comprehend the sartorial law for shorter guys. More attention towards upper body and less attention towards lower body = Appropriate height

To attain this law, accessories such as hats, glares, ties, scarfs can be used which also let your  style go full throttle. Key is avoid over sizing of each.

  • Layering

Honestly, Layering can transform your outfit into a sartorial piece of art. Wafting through immaculate fashion aesthetics, layering create a streamlined effect. With darker jackets thrown over lighter tshirts or shirts, your body seems slimmer and inadvertently, taller. Although, remember to keep the inner piece shorter than the jacket.

  •  Shoes

Never be fooled with the faux of visual extravaganza and opt contrasting shoes. Handle the footwear space with flourish by keeping the contrast low or minimal. Also, pointed shoe can favor in radiating better height.

  • Belts or Suspenders

Belts are to men what purses are to women. But, a faux pas in choosing belts can be perilous for your height. With maximum thickness of 1.5 inch and very low contrast, they can be an unprecedented sartorial champion. Honestly, ditch belts if possible as it cuts your body into half. Suspenders can rescue you from this predicament and also lengthen your height.

  • Shirts

Pertaining your stature, lighter color shirts obey fashion rules over darker shirts. Also, be mindful of the cuff length which should be ¼ ideally. Fitted shirts (although not tight) with higher armholes are recommended as they create a slimming effect. Pocket shirts are advisable as it draws the attention towards upper body.

  • Higher Buttons

High waist button draws the illusion of longer legs and creates the desired mirage. If positioning done vice versa, it can be daunting for your height and overall appearance.

Just remember, If there is a hope for Tom Cruise to look hot despite being short, this world is full of opportunities for you as well. So, Keep Rocking guys!


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