10 style tips for skinny guys

Do you come in Peter Parker category or Tony Stark? If you hail from the latter, this article isn’t for you. If former, welcome my friend; I empathize your battle with average physique, daunting expectations created by superheroes and sex drought owing to no date in life. To be handsome like Tony Stark, sexy like Captain America, billionaire like Bruce Wayne is all you fancy right? Unconsciously, you consider yourself low level superheroes and rejoice in immense power? TBH, I am useless if you are considering me as your fairy godmother to fulfill such wishes.

But, yeah I can be Stylist Fairy giving 10 style tips for skinny guys

  • Crew necks and Turtlenecks

Plunging V necks are a sartorial no go as you don’t have huge pecs to show off. Whereas crew necks conjures the illusion of square shoulders and pay kudos to your narrow frame. Turtlenecks also accounts for wise choice as it camouflages your slim neckline width.

  •  Style Patterns

Logos or patterns such as checks, floral and color blocking can evades one’s attention from your upper body. Avoid vertical stripes and head for horizontal ones as they add bulk; if possible, just ditch stripes and resort to solid colors or above patterns. Pertaining shirts, spread collars are affable for you.

  •  Layering

Don’t end up looking like skinny bear if I beckon layering. How about a plain crew neck with a layering of cardigan or biker jacket? For formal wear, a blazer can be a saving grace. If it’s scorching hot, ditch all this and go for the fourth tip.

  •  Accessories

No, they aren’t for girls only. Scarfs, glares, watches, hats, belts, ties makes room for guys as well. They can be manipulated to create a dapper look veiling the slimmer part. And, cherry on the cake, they can make any look as showstopper. However, don’t opt huge frames of them as they can accentuate the all bones and no flesh part.

  • Shoes

If you prefer preppy look, sneakers or Jordan can be reliable style staple. If formal is your style, rounded oxfords or brogues can be an impeccable choice. Just never ever opt pointed shoes, if you don’t mean others to arch eyebrows at you.

  • Fitted clothes

Mostly, skinny guys needs a major wardrobe spin as they stack on baggy clothes to veil their bony frame. If you think bigger the clothes, bigger you look, you are completely wrong. However, don’t misconstrue fitted clothes as tight ones.

Don’t opt for dropping shoulders or super long and loose t shirts. Not too baggy, not too skinny is the key.

  • Colors

Yes, men love black akin to a hot chic. But, darker shades create the trimming effect while lighter ones make you look bit fleshy. Lighter shirts or t shirts and darker pants create the balance of proportion while vice versa can accentuate your skinny frame. Blue and khaki are preferable colors for pants.

  • Jackets

Jackets are your sartorial best choice albeit remember it should end just below your butt. Till the squats bestows you a sculpted ass, jackets can be your savior. Corduroy and leather fabric works well with your style.

  • Pants

Give us your skinny legs guys as we yearn to wear super skinny jeans. But, that doesn’t mean you opt for one. Wearing them can make you look like worst nightmare ever. Straight leg or boot cut shaped ones can rescue you from this disaster. Also, never ever dare to try pinstripes which creates extra lengthening effect.

  • Shoulder pads

So what, if you don’t have those broad shoulders like a macho? Shoulder pads can create the look of one. Although, don’t opt for extra large shoulder pads for broad shoulders akin to a girl wearing super heavily padded bra for huge boobs. Both looks cheap and gross, don’t they?

Since guys hail from Mars, I don’t blame you with your innate thirst for power. Arrested by  je ne sais quoi of the Avengers, a powerful physique is your deepest desire. However, girl don’t consider muscles and abs as be all and end all factor while dating a guy. So, start your journey to be like a superhero although embrace your individuality.

And just remember, “True hero isn’t measured by his strength but size of his heart”. (okay, I copy pasted this one)

P.S: Finally, I have started enjoying Avengers movies.



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