10 hottest fashion trends of 2017

Don’t we live in a hypocrite world where we should embrace our individuality although 36-24-36 is considered impeccable. Where social validation is not necessary to judge ourselves yet everyone seeks it. Where style should exude your real self, although, we fall in trap of trends. So, while pondering about fashion trends of 2017, I resolutely decided to end this dichotomy. Just because some freak is doing unicorn hair color, it does not imply to you, right? However, for those freaks, we are mundane freaks.

Hence, I have conjured and explored few trends of 2017, adding an element of my own style.

  • Statement sleeves

Seeking for wardrobe spin with a stir of drama to it? Chuck the norms and be audacious to embrace the hottest trend of 2017, statement sleeves. With its unicorn quality of insouciance and flamboyance, colossal sleeves are going full throttle.

In one swoop, this trend is your ticket to be showstopper.

  • Utilitarian trend

If you nod yes to androgynous trend, utilitarian trend is up your ante. Wafting through aesthetics of fashion and juxtaposing elegance and style together, these pieces are a treat. And finally, its transcending navy blue, black and olive green shades. Minimalism is new sexy.

  • Stripes

Queen Victoria’s, four year old son wearing sailor suit heralded the biggest fashion trend, stripes. Being a sheer classic, this beloved trend is the comeback of 2017. Be it classic Bretons or Rainbow stripes, they are all the rage currently.

  • Gingham

Bring your inner prairie girl to life by embracing sartorial showstopper, Gingham. Apt for the edgier style with the bestowed preppy vibe. With a bandwagon in this trend, be it in shirts, blouse, skirt, pants or dress, it’s a colossal fashion force to be reckoned with.

  •  Athleisure

Won’t it be a dream come true when you can just walk off in leggings? Why should we go an extra mile to get ready, right? Yes finally, we can merge the gap between workout clothes and style with the hottest trend of 2017, Athleisure. Trust me, you won’t seem like a fish out of water, if you know the right styling.

E.g. Leggings with shimmering top teams up razzle dazzle with comfort so impeccably.

  • All White

White on white seems flouting the taught fashion lessons over years. However, this monochrome trend has put a unique spin on our sartorial knowledge. Holding a timeless appeal, sheer white is giving us a sophisticated fashion attack. Don’t hesitate to play it with textures such as lace, chiffon, silk or statement accessories.

  •  Asymmetry

Those who are ardent followers of fashion are the ardent rule breakers as well. Fashion seeks for drama and break norms. Unfettered by rules, asymmetry trend is ruling the hot list of trends as well.

  •  Floral

No other trend can exude the barometer of femininity as immaculately as floral trend.  Injecting a burst of cheerfulness, you can channel this trend without breaking the bank. Aren’t those playful cocktails and sunshine all what you had waited for?

  • Checks

If you haven’t done your fashion homework well, you may misunderstood gingham as checks. But, gingham hails from family of stripes and not checks.  Although, 2017 sees the resurgence of plaid checkered outerwear and reaffirms old trend is gold.

  • Bra out

Girls, are your eyes popping out by reading this or Guys, are you eagerly waiting for this? Hold on horses, you both. Without wreaking a total mayhem, bra out trend can be a complete knock out. Still baffled? Take some inspiration from Kendall Jenner!


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